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if music be the food of love...
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Michigan, USA



Ambient, Experimental



March 2022


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The incoalmo EP

The Challenge: ​Create a 40-minute concept Album during the month of March

The Results: Incomplete

The Details: I made a lot of music this month, but not enough to make a full 40-minute concept album. What I have completed is a 4-track EP, a taste of what's to come. 

Part 1: Hamlet-

"Murder Most Foul"

Hamlet begins at midnight, with the tense arrival of the ghost of Hamlet's father. And so begins perhaps the best known story in the English language. This track reflects the ghostly aspect of this incredible play. 

Part 2: Twelfth Night-

(no tracks currently included)

The Blues is the language of unrequited love. Twelfth Night is a play about unrequited love. It's a match made in Illyria. 

Part 3: King Lear-

"Nothing Will Come of Nothing"

Lear's selfish reply to his favored daughter's surprising reply sets in motion a tragedy of epic proportions.

Part 4: A Midsummer Night's Dream

"Cobweb Peaseblossom and Mustardseed"

The magic of the enchanted forest are embodied by three of Titania's sprites. 

"Oberon's Flower"

Oberon sends Puck to fetch a magical flower in order to sow the seeds of love where they are lacking. But perhaps the mission is nothing more than a mask of his own sadness. 

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